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A6 25mm Rings for TN

  • $ 16.00

These are TRUE A6 size rings.

PLEASE NOTE if your TN isn’t at least 11” wide your inserts will stick out.  You may need to trim them or print at less than 100%.  PLEASE feel free to ask questions before purchasing😊

19 19 38 19 19 This is spacing between ring. Many other "A6" ring mechinisms are actually Personal Sized. 19 19 50 19 19.  

Do you have the itch to try rings but love your TN too much? I have the solution for you. These A6 ring will fit into your A6 TN without any permanent modification to your precious leather.
If you have an A6 Wide which is at least 11” A6 inserts will fit with no side tabs. If you have a slimmer A6 A6 slim inserts will work.
Pic #1 shows an A6 Chic Sparrow TN fitted with the rings and A6 pages.
Pic #2 is the first step to put in the rings. Open rings...put 2 middle elastics inside the rings and center them by putting one on each side of tabs.
Pic #3 this shows the next step..close the rings and bring the right elastic over to the left side and the left elastic over to the right.
Pic #4 this shows how the elastics will look once they are "locked" in.
I use a Rapesco hole punch from Amazon to make perfect fitting inserts!

I have a couple sets which are not perfect.  These are still usable but the rings don't quite line up. 

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