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Antique Silverware Seam Rippers $40 & Accessories $10

  • $ 40.00

These beauties are made from the hollow handle of antique silverware.  The knives we use are from the 1960’s and before!  

The thing that is unique about these seam rippers is that the blade mechanism is reversible and can be stowed inside the handle.  No more finding your seam ripper in your sewing basket by stabbing yourself!

Most of the patterns have informational cards included which give you a little history.  The laminated cards have a photo of your pattern, gives the year it was first introduced, and the name of the manufacturer.

Because some of these knives were used in everyday life they may have a few scars but most of them are pretty close to perfect.  If there are more than superficial scratches I will note it in the listing.

Also included with you purchase is a black velvet sheath you can store your ripper in, and a piece of Sunshine Cloth to keep in bright and shiny.  You will find, as with most silver, the more you use it the less it will tarnish.

A small blade is included with your handle. Other accessories available are a large blade, a needle threader, and a stiletto (awl).


Please contact me for shipping rates if you are outside the United States.  Thank you!

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